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What exactly do we do?

If you haven’t heard of Asbestos Pros before… here’s what we do!


We can help arrange free quotes to get any identified hazardous materials taken away from your home or office.


If removing the offending material isn’t the best option, encapsulating it is something we can help arrange prices for.


Whether its Type 2 or 3 surveys, depending on your needs we can arrange free quotes to lessen the cost.


If you’re unsure about any materials prior to commencing work we can help you save on professional testing.

Removal and abatement.

professional asbestos removal services

If a survey has discovered asbestos in any part of your home or office and you need it removed… it needs to needs to be done professionally. Whether in your roof, siding, flooring or walls it can cause problems once disturbed.

Professional asbestos removal or abatement enables you to carry out any work or maintenance to your property safely and in complete confidence that you will not encounter futher problem materials.

Removal vs. encapsulation.

Though complete removal is more expensive than encapsulating asbestos there are far more benefits. Not only does it give you complete confidence to carry on working on your building, but your property will likely be easier to sell and even increase in it’s valuation.

encapsulation of asbestos

Surveying and survey reports.

If you’ve encountered any materials that you think may contain asbestos, or if you’re simply unsure as to whether it was used during the construction process then having a survey carried out should be your first consideration.

A professional surveyor can accurately report back on the type, amount and location of asbestos present in your property. Which is particularly important prior to any work commencing, or prior to a property purchase.

surveys and surveying services
advice on asbestos survey types

Types of survey required.

If you need a visual inspection prior to work commencing then a ‘Management Survey’ or Type 2 survey will be required. If building demolition is planned then a more destructive ‘Refurbishment/Demolition’ Type 3 will be the most appropriate.

Sample collection and testing.

asbestos testing services

If you’re unsure as to whether a material contains asbestos then it’s always a worthwhile idea to get it tested before proceeding with work.

It’s likely you will have two options:

1. Sending a sample to be tested (provided you have a loose sample, do not disturb existing material)

2. Arranging for a professional to visit and take a sample away with them for testing in the lab (recommended).

Safety first.

If you have any doubts about any materials then you should always get them tested before proceeding with any work. It’s important not to disturb any materials, and always enlist a professional to carry out the sampling and testing work.

professional UK companies

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