Chepstow asbestos removal grants.

Possible grants and Monmouthshire council-led removal services.

Over the past few years, more and more Chepstow residents have become aware of the health risks associated with being exposed to asbestos in their living and working environments.

This has resulted in several people enquiring about having building materials containing asbestos removed from their Monmouthshire properties. However, this can sometimes be costly, which is why so many people are keen to find out if there are any asbestos removal grants available.

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In 2015, MPs put forward a range of steps and measure that could enable all asbestos to be removed from all Chepstow residential building and business premises by 2028 - 2035. However, costs associated with having removal work on private residences would need to be carried by the property owners or landlords in the case of rental units.

While there may be asbestos removal grants available, these may only be able to be accessed in certain areas of the country. Chepstow property owners who would like to find out more about the availability of grants or government funding that will help them cover the cost of asbestos removal will need to speak to Monmouthshire county council. Here is some further asbestos information from Monmouthshire council.

It is important to keep in mind that Monmouthshire council might not be able to offer asbestos removal grants. In some cases, grants may be available, but be dependent on a resident’s level of income as well. For example, residents earning below a certain threshold may be entitled to a larger grant than those in higher income brackets. Other terms and conditions may also apply when using grant funding to remove asbestos from a property.

If you're in Chepstow or nearby, you can get free quotes so save on asbestos removal.

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