2021 Asbestos removal companies guide.

Finding the right contractor to carry out your work.

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After finding out that asbestos is present in a property, a large number of homeowners are keen to have it removed as quickly as possible – with several of them attempting it as a DIY project in an effort to save money. However, only asbestos removal specialists should be the only ones to remove this substance from a property.

Below are a few tips to help homeowners find the right asbestos removal company, a feat that can be easily achieved by using our free quote service as all contractors are pre-screened and approved.

Reputation is Key

When searching for the right asbestos removal company, it’s essential to research several before making your final decision. One of the main aspects to take note of is reputation. Does a particular company have exceptionally good reviews when it comes to providing great client service or do they seem to ignore customer complaints and concerns?

These days, most asbestos removal companies are aware of how important it is to have an online presence. Not only does this ensure that they will get more business; it enables potential clients to see what existing clients have to say about them as well. If a company has more negative than positive reviews, steer very clear.

Experience and Accreditation are Crucial

It is also recommended that homeowners not only find out how long the company has been in business for; they should enquire how much experience its employees have as well. Any company that is dealing with asbestos removal must be licensed, insured and accredited. This will ensure that all work is carried out according to the latest safety standards and that homeowners and their families will not be exposed to harmful asbestos dust during the removal process.

Ask for Referrals

Another way to ensure that homeowners find a decent asbestos removal company is to ask them for referrals. This will enable them to see the end results of projects that have been completed previously. If a company isn’t willing to provide reviews from previous customers, it will be best to choose an alternative.

Homeowners who want to have asbestos removal performed should also ask friends, family or even colleagues for recommendations, as word of mouth referrals are also a fantastic way to determine whether a particular company should be used or not.

Not a DIY Task

After discovering asbestos in their homes, many property owners will try and perform removal on their own in an effort to reduce costs. However, because asbestos is classified as a dangerous substance, removal should only ever be performed by a company that hires qualified and experienced professionals. This will ensure that a thorough job is done and that no further contamination will occur during the removal process.